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This is the Green-Zones App!

Where are the environmental zones? What vehicles are forbidden to drive and on what day? What kinds of badge do exist and where can I order them?

The order of a French, German, Austrian or Danish badge or of another European environmental vignette itself is not a great help.
In the most cases, it is more essential to know what kind of badge, with which color or class is allowed to drive in which environmental zone and on what time. It is also essential to know for what types of vehicle the driving will be forbidden, and on what day, in a permanent and fixed environmental zone or in a temporary environmental zone, dependent on the weather conditions.
The answer of these questions requires a service of additional information, available for free on the Green-Zones-App.

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The challenges for logistic and commercial traffic as well as tourist bus traffic and private vehicles in Europe

In general, logistics and transport companies—but also tourist buses and private individual cars—often ask themselves the following questions when planning their routes through and around environmental zones:

  • Which vignette/badge is assigned to each type of vehicle, depending on the type of fuel and the date of first registration?
  • Which vignette/badge is valid in each country? And which vehicles are allowed to drive in which environmental zones (with or without vignettes), and at which times of day?
  • Which vignettes/badges are mandatory in European environmental zones, depending on the weather, the zone and specific national and local norms?
  • How can I take into account the different traffic regulations in each national language, without disobeying them? And how can I identify the borders of environmental zones, if they are not signposted?
  • When and how can I learn about the norms of a ZPA or ZCR environmental zone, when those norms are temporarily or permanently tightened, or if there are temporary and short-notice traffic restrictions on European roads and high ways?
  • How can I know when a permanent or temporary diesel-restrictions zone is valid?
  • How can I have an overview of the overall geographical situation of existing environmental zones in Europe? And how can I stay informed about new environmental zones?
  • How, where and at what times can I make a detour around environmental zones? And in which countries and environmental zones will I pay a fine for norm infringement?

In order to get an answer to the above-mentioned questions, and in order to stay informed about the state of each zone in real time, from 8 PM also for the next day, the Green-Zones app is necessary. This app provides crucial information about all environmental zones where the badge is mandatory, allowing drivers to receive information in their own language and making them independent of local information sources in French.

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How does the Green-Zones app work?

The Green-Zones app refers to the Green-Zones data-base, which contains all currently valid national and local norms and which also takes into account the daily updates of the relevant norms regarding traffic restrictions and permanent traffic prohibitions for each zone.

In the case of ZPA and ZCR zones in France, all daily information coming from French local authorities will be incorporated to the data base and will be communicated to the extent that they may contribute, in the following days, to traffic prohibitions related to the weather situation.

In case of a permanent or temporary interdiction for specific badge categories and in case of an eventual introduction of diesel-restrictions zones in Germany, all the information will be daily updated on the Green-Zones-App.

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The main and essential functions of the Green-Zones app

The main functions of the Green-Zones app are as follows:

  • A detailed presentation of all norms and exceptions related to each environmental zone in Europe, where a vignette or badge may be mandatory
  • A detailed presentation of all European vignettes and badges on sale and which types of vehicles are associated to them depending on their Euro norm and their registration date
  • A system of maps based on the geographical data indicating the environmental zones in the form of an interactive image equipped with a zoom option (Available on the website of Green-Zones from the 03.07.2017. Available on Android-Smartphones from the 17.07.2017. Available for iOS from the 01.08.2017).
  • The collection of daily data stemming from local authorities indicating possible restrictions for the following days
  • Announcement of up to 5 warning stages for pollution peaks, to know on time (one day before) about the potential traffic restrictions for specific Crit’Air vignettes.
  • An easy way to order all the European environmental badges/vignettes on the Green-Zones-App
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How can I use the Green-Zones-App?

The use of the Green-Zones-App is available for all interested users for free and permanently for smartphones.
Additional features will be eventually available in the future with costs.
Future updates will enable buyers of environmental badge at Green-Zones to access new features for free. Users will be informed of these new features with a code sent through Green-Zones’ notification.

From the 03.07.2017, the Green-Zones-App is available on the web or on smartphone!

The Green-Zones-App is available in all its functions from the 03.07.2017 on the websites of Green-Zones, Crit-Air, Umwelt-Plakette and Umwelt-Pickerl in the 5 following languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Polish on your computer.

From 14.07.2017, the Green-Zones-App will be available for download for Android phones in the Play Store. For iOS phones, the Green-Zones-App will be available for download in the App Store from 11.09.2017.